Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Hopping

So, I spent all my blogging time looking at other blogs and posting a few to my Blog List. Saw a blog that was very interesting and had a challenge coming in the month of April, but it seemed like it was designed for writers so I didn't ask to join. However, I am going to use the premise for my April Blogs. You will have to check back in April to see what it is all about. Still trying to figure out how to create an interest and network for my blog. Contests, blog hops, cool stuff for sale, pictures of pieces I've made, pictures of pieces others have made, interesting musings......

And, I need to include at least one visual!

Edit Note: Forgot to SAVE all the blogs that I added to my Favorite Blogs List!!!!!
                 Guess what I'll be doing in tomorrow's post.....


Just didn't feel like posting anything last night.
I need some tips and suggestions for my blog.... at least some comments.... or why am I doing this? I hate writing. I on the other hand LOVE sharing ideas and creating something from something else. Can't create from nothing..... Can create from chaos.... Do it almost every day.
Staying true to myself, I will continue to post tonight.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet, sweet silence....

I won't disturb the sound of silence tonight....
Tomorrow will be soon enough.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

The New Year has been with us for about a month now and happily,
Spring is just around the corner!

According to Pantone, "This season, designers overwhelmingly address consumers' desire for self-expression, balance and the need to re-energize. The color direction for spring builds upon these compelling needs with a palette that mixes dynamic brights with novel neutrals to create a harmonious balance. This allows for unique combinations that offer practicality and versatility, but at the same time, demand attention and earn an appreciative glance."

They go on to explain the psychology of the Spring 2013 colors.
Dusk Blue: Calming sense of serenity;
Tender Shoots: Invigorating, active and cheerful;
Lemon Zest: Cheerful and refreshing;
Linen: Light and airy;
Poppy Red: Seductive, sensual and celebratory shade, a spirited true red;
Nectarine: Bright, effervescent, with a tangy burst;
Monaco Blue: Classic shade offers both stability and depth;
African Violet: A statement color, with a touch of intrigue and the unexpected;
Grayed Jade: A hushed mood of quiet reflection and repose;
EMERALD (2013 Color of the Year): A lively, radiant green, that inspires insight and clarity, while enhancing your sense of well-being.

Hopefully you can find YOUR balance, individuality, self-expression, and excitement in your daily life when you adorn yourself with the Pantone Spring 2013 colors........
Oh, if it was only that easy!!!
But they are a fun mix!!!  Give yourself a challenge - use them in your next project.
FYI: My BEAD SOUP will include them!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm A Contender

Did another Birthday Party today.... sweet bunch of 3rd grade girls.
Cleaning in the studio continues as does the sale.

Now for the GOOD NEWS, I'm signed-up for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party; it's my first ever!!! Can you tell that I am excited????? Lori Anderson of Pretty Things hosts this annual event. Got to get my Bead Soup cooking for my partner, who I will be paired with on February 2nd. Each Bead Soup must have: 1 Focal, 1 Special Clasp of a unique nature, Coordinating Bead Mix of quality, and I'm adding an extra Surprise. Not sure what that will be....hmm... chocolate, special blend tea, embroidered work-surface ??? The whole premise of this bead exchange is to expand your design powers by using materials from someone else's stash. Of course I'm nervous about whether my partner will like what I send, but if I send something that I would send to a special friend, I think that it will be okay. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!!! Go to go.......gone.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Colors that Enhance

Long day.... just got home.
Worked with sorting seed beads for most of the day.
Had a birthday party for a sweet second grade girl, 8 years old. Wow!
Interestingly enough, I first noticed this something about young girls and color choices when my daughter was in Girl Scouts, a young girl will naturally choose colors that compliment her skin tone, hair color, and eyes. For those who remember "Color Me Beautiful", choosing colors that enhance our appearance seems to be something that we have a natural ability to do. So follow your intuition and see where it takes you the next time you have to choose a color.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday.... My Favorite "F" Word

The blog's Primary Focus provides information to anyone interested in learning and creating body ORNAMENTATION; most often jewelry arts. A vast and varied array of information relating to and about jewelry arts, artists, techniques and medium will be presented with comments, quips, inquiries, and pictures.  Occasionally a fuzzy bunny might pop up; no worries......