Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Hopping

So, I spent all my blogging time looking at other blogs and posting a few to my Blog List. Saw a blog that was very interesting and had a challenge coming in the month of April, but it seemed like it was designed for writers so I didn't ask to join. However, I am going to use the premise for my April Blogs. You will have to check back in April to see what it is all about. Still trying to figure out how to create an interest and network for my blog. Contests, blog hops, cool stuff for sale, pictures of pieces I've made, pictures of pieces others have made, interesting musings......

And, I need to include at least one visual!

Edit Note: Forgot to SAVE all the blogs that I added to my Favorite Blogs List!!!!!
                 Guess what I'll be doing in tomorrow's post.....

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