Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Key to Personal Evolution

Shared this on Facebook a few days ago. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Try to take time to read the article that explains it's creation;
and our need to create.

The “Amulet of Khepra” Talisman
Collaboration between Eusheen Goines, Jason Burruss, and Chris Lawrie
Borosilicate Glass Filla-Cello Cab by Eusheen Goines, 12 ct. Oregon Sunstone cut by Chris Lawrie, 6.5 ct. Teardrop Cut Moldavites, and Madeira Citrines in .925 Argentium Silver and 14 kt. Yellow and Pink Gold-Filled
3,3/4” x 2,5/8”
Custom for Eusheen Goines, Not for Sale

In the beginning there was void… impermeable void of all nothing. Creation sparked the instantaneous formation of matter, and gods were given to these instances to signify the magic of the Universe, the magic of creation. Now I will tell you of ancient Egypt, and the lost following of the God of Creation, Khepra…

The scarab appears out of nothingness. Small holes in the desert does it seem to burst into spaces. Finding ways to enter into everything, including homes and temples. It is no wonder why the Egyptians revered this insect, for it seemed magical in significance and permeated it’s way into their very culture. They believed that the scarab had the power of manifestation, and was symbolic of the creator god Khepra.

Khepra had other names, but when he took his night form he changed from Khepri to Khepra. Khepra was the night god who after an intense day of setting the sun and creating the life of our known existence, he would spend his nights in peace. We create, every day as artists, and every night after the work is finished, we have time to our own self.

Many of us have found that during this introspective and relaxed mode of creative thought that we are at our highest state of intuition. Night creation is for our selves, and the day is the time of work. So many of us revere the night as the time to play, when the veil is thin and the hour is late states of heightened intuition occur more frequently.

The thoughts seem channeled as if the second the daylight mode of our mind is turned off we have freedom to think outside of our linear analytical methods that consume our waking life. As if we become in tune, with our true inner and higher self during these nights of creation.

The artist once realized upon this path begins to wonder if the analytical stresses of our waking life fueled by the perpetual need to create art for survival, is necessary at all? We find a great spiritual glory in the realization that once we give faith to our intuition, and create for pure intention of our true art, that our art blossoms and will care for our being. Once the true purpose is realized, the fears are washed away within the harmony of being. We create to create, of our highest forms of art, with the nicest mediums that we can source. Not for fear, money, or greed, but for the higher purpose and understandings that we achieve through the process of creation.

It was never about the material, only the beauty attained from the vision fulfilled. The instantaneous moment of creation that we find so addictive and inspiring. The key to perpetual evolution.
 — with Chris Lawrie Lapidary ArtChris LawrieJason Burruss and Eusheen Goines.

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